The Percy Lanham Bursary

Each year The Percy Lanham Foundation awards one or more bursaries at each of the six main post-secondary institutions in the province. The number and size of the bursaries shall be at the sole discretion of the board of the Foundation. It is intended that the bursaries shall be a contribution to the tuition, book and supply costs of the recipients, and, if possible, to their living expenses.

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You Will Need:

30-45 Minutes


Academic Information

Accommodation Information

Employment History

Finances, Assets, Liabilities

Eligibility Criteria:

1st year completed

Min. 24 credit hours

Eligible School

Additional Information:

Apply for The Percy Lanham Bursary


The application MUST include a copy of your transcript to be complete. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. You MUST have earned a minimum of 24 credit hours in the school year prior to your application. No exceptions. All successful applicants will be required to provide an official original transcript.

Because bursary funds are limited, not everyone who qualifies will receive a bursary. Only successful applicants will be contacted. *Pursuant to privacy legislation, you are not obliged to provide your Social Insurance Number when completing and filing this Application. It will be necessary for you to provide your Social Insurance Number in the event this Application is accepted.